About Us

Want to learn more about Breathing Color and take a tour of our manufacturing facilities?  Watch our Company Video.

Breathing Color® is a designer and supplier of award-winning digital inkjet canvas, papers, and canvas coatings. We are focused on the art and photographic markets with products that lead the industry in print performance and longevity. Breathing Color® customers benefit from the highest quality at competitive prices by buying direct.

Breathing Color® was founded in January 2003 by a group of industry pioneers and art enthusiasts who have spent over fifteen years experimenting with wide ranges of color, substrates, coatings and equipment.

Using a highly scientific approach, we continually push the boundaries of innovation in pursuit of finer print quality.  Our work never stops.  (Visit Our Science to learn more.)

We believe that our first responsibility is to the artists, photographers, print studios and photo labs who use our products. We believe that our products must always lead the industry in print performance and deliver key advantages to those who use them. We believe that we must constantly strive to reduce the cost of these products in a responsible effort to help our customers succeed. Our orders must be promptly and accurately filled. Support must be promptly and sufficiently provided. Our motto is that a “Love at First Sight™ experience” must be delivered to everyone.

At the heart of Breathing Color is a humble, fair, dedicated, ambitious and creative culture. Breathing Color values its culture and takes great care to preserve and perpetuate it. Our culture is driven by the obligations we have to our customers, communities, and the industry in which we work.  We believe that we must fulfill these obligations to the best of our ability.

Our Purpose

To create a better life experience through the enjoyment and appreciation of art and photography.

We understand that in the process of creating art, we are only one component of many.  However, we are a vitally important component.  We will not wait around for others to step forward in a leadership role to expand the possibilities in the world of art and photography.  Instead, we will fulfill the leadership role and we will step forward.  We will fulfill our purpose through continual experimentation, innovation, investment, and philanthropy.

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Community.  Education.  Environment.

We believe in giving back.  We believe we have a responsibility to serve the communities in which we work and to support educational institutions.  We do this for the benefit of students and the less fortunate. Breathing Color® makes regular contributions to institutions that serve these purposes.  Some examples include the Make A Wish Foundation, The Children’s Hospital of Orange County, the University of Southern California’s Roski School of Fine Arts and Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Art.
We believe we have a responsibility to respect the environment and our planet.  Our recent launch of PureG Solvent, a new line of products with an environmentally conscious purpose, is one example of our commitment.  Our pledge with this line of products is to plant a tree for every roll of product sold.

We intend to be a positive influence on the world.  Our hope is that our example inspires others.  We would like to graciously thank our customers who inspire us all and continue to make this mission possible.

Breathing Color is distributed in Canada by Amplis Foto Inc.



Founded in 1983 by Hans Ohlig, Amplis is a family-owned marketing and distribution company in the imaging, consumer electronics, outdoor and fine art spaces in Canada.

Amplis drives consumer demand through our unique position of publishing Canada’s largest imaging enthusiast magazine, PHOTONews. With quarterly print issues in excess of 100,000 copies and regular eNews updates to 20,000 subscribers, Amplis can build brand awareness resulting in double and triple digit growth. The PhotoNews community is very engaged, participating in Flickr groups, photo contests and Facebook.

Online initiatives are a cornerstone of Amplis’ marketing. Each brand has a distinct Canadian website engaging with consumers across the country using the relevant .ca domain. Traffic is generated through blogs, tweets, Facebook postings, Google+ initiatives, reviews and advertising, both online and print. Each site is B2C enabled using the Shopatron engine.

Amplis exhibits at major Canadian retail and trade shows to showcase the products. In-store demo days, lectures at technical schools and colleges as well as sponsorship of industry leaders are also key components in Amplis’ marketing toolbox. Amplis representatives attend major international shows to support Canadians and follow industry trends.

Visit: www.amplis.com for more information